To disable component on front page in Joomla

by Bhumi //Nov 4,2012 // No comment

To disable component on front page in Joomla

I think this is one of the common problem you’ll face while you’re working for the website of joomla because the component always display at one position. If there is nothing to display on page, it still be there because of this page layout messy and mostly it’s happened with the homepage because mostly we have different layout on homepage and we don’t want to go with component.

Well,I have solution of problem you face with component display so let’s see the steps to handle component display

Step 1: Create a new module and position of module is frontcomp:

Place below line of code into the index file of template you are using for website.

Step 2: Next is to replace the below code with display component to:

Step3: Create Custom Module

Create a one new custom html module and the position of module is frontcomp, and select home page only to display.

That’s it.Now, On homepage of your site will not display component.

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