Magento Extension Configuration

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Magento Extension Configuration

Magento is a powerful open source eCommerce solutions.Let’s move to the one step ahead in Magento article series.In this blog post, we will see how to create basic admin forms when you want to create your own new extension into magento

Here, I am giving an overview of how to write an extension in magento. At the time of instantiating, magento system reads all the Xmls inside the folder /app/etc/modules/ to get the list of all active modules and their corresponding code repository.

So, very first step of creating a magento extension is to declare the module and its core repository means the repository of the module, in magento it’s called as a codepool.

If you open /app/code, you can see 3 cood pool

  • core
  • community
  • local

Screenshot222 Magento Extension Configuration

The core cood pool is used for all system modules of magento. The community codepool is for all extensions developed by partners of magento and local is the codepool dedicated for us as a developer to write own customized code.

Here, I am going to explain to create module into community code pool but using same method,you can create your extension into the local folder too.

Module Declaration

Folder structure into the community folder will be like

  • Community
  •   SpaceName
  •     NewModule

Create an xml file app/etc/modules/PaymentMethod.xml and write below code. Here I have used same name for SpaceName and ModuleName,but you can use any name you prefer.

The naming convensation related to the folder structure Magento expects. In most cases, you can read the underscore (_) as contains folder.So for extension, we need to create a folder Space and subfolder Module.

Congratulations, you have written your first extension. You can check that it is working by going into the Magento admin panel > Configuration > Advanced and you will see NameSpace_ModuleName listed under Disable modules output. icon_smile Magento Extension Configuration

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