Magento Extension Admin Configuration

by Bhumi //Feb 11,2013 // 1 comment.

Magento Extension Admin Configuration

This is the next article of magento series and I am going to cover creation of basic custom payment option in admin panel.In Previous article,we have learned Magento Extension Configuration

Before we have defined extension into the community folder the codepool so magento code resides into app/code/community.

So, Let’s dive into the code for creating custom extension of magento for payment gateway

First of all go to PaymentMethod/Module folder and create etc folder and in this folder create config.xml file. Place below code into your config file.

Next, is about system configuration so create system.xml and place following code into it.

Now, create model folder into your community/PaymentMethod/PaymentMethod directory and create file Paymentmethod.php

Here in model folder create one more folder Model/Source and creat file PaymentMethodServers.php

Create helper folder into PaymentMethod/PaymentMethod and in that Data.php file

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